Nescafe Basement

Nescafe` Basement is a music platform provided for up and coming stars by Nescafe`. Bramerz was assigned to create the full digital journey of the music experience from online audio submissions for shortlisting prospective artists to the grand finale` encapsulating the complete story of each artist including jamming sessions, behind the scene jokes and final release of audio and video song pieces for each artist giving users the ability to listen, view, download, rate the songs.

The platform was a ravishing success both online and offline with people flocking to Nescafe` Basement’s social platforms, web and mobile apps. Numerous blogs and articles were written to compliment the execution of the campaign across all channels.

The campaign reached more than 15mn online users with +2.1mn video plays and +800k audio plays

Nescafe` Basement won the Pakistan Advertisers Society award for the campaign.