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Bramerz partnered with The Noorani Foundation, a philanthropic trust dedicated to providing affordable boarding school education for the underprivileged. We designed and developed a website that effectively communicated the Foundation’s mission and initiatives. Additionally, we integrated a secure payment gateway, enabling seamless online donations to support their cause. Our services helped The Noorani Foundation enhance their online presence and streamline the donation process, making a positive impact on the lives of deserving students.

The Noorani Foundation - Scope of Work
The Noorani Foundation - Encouraging Donations

Making Donations Easier

It communicates the purpose of The Noorani Foundation and encourages visitors to make donations. It also categorizes donations into departments that require it, including amounts that are required. Moreover there is also an option to donate any amount of money directly with a personalized message.

In order to streamline the process of donations, we integrated a secure payment gateway into the website. This enables donors to effortlessly donate money online without having to visit the bank or any other donation center.


The homepage of this website features a minimalist design paired with smooth animations. This page is divided into sections that give a brief introduction into each aspect of the website with integrated quick links to lead users to the respective pages.

The Noorani Foundation - Homepage

Encouraging Volunteers

The Noorani Foundation - Encouraging Volunteers

There is a dedicated section designed for volunteers. This section contains all the departments where volunteers are required and calls upon users to volunteer for a good cause.

The Noorani Foundation - Encouraging Volunteers
The Noorani Foundation - Featured

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